AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack 9.15.0 + License Key [Latest]

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack with License Key [Latest]

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack 9.6.1 + License Key [Latest]


AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack is a free hard drive partitioning software that lets you easily resize, merge, split and copy partitions. With this software, you can increase the size of your partition without a reboot or reinstall. You can also use it to manage your disk space and create recovery media, such as an emergency backup bootable USB Drive or a disc backup. It’s a straightforward and effective way to get a partition manager without paying a cent.

Take advantage of our sector-level data protection technology before you ever risk losing data from a hard drive crash or flash drive failure. It also supports undockable USB drives and every partition type out there.

Even though your disk is MBR or GPT and whether your disk exceeds 2TB in size, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you with most partition-related problems. It delivers a comprehensive set of partition management utilities, including merge, extend, shrink, split, convert MBR to GPT and vice versa, wipe data on unallocated space, convert dynamic disk to basic disk, etc. It is free for personal and commercial use.

The measures can be complicated or straightforward. If you want to change the partition’s size with programs and data, you need to back up your data and resettle them after the partition is changed. However, if you want to resize partition and make changes in disk size due to space needs, you need to be 100% sure that it will not damage files; otherwise, you risk losing important information. Need help? The solution is to use AOMEI Partition Assistant!

AOMEI Partition Assistant provides one click to make a partition active and allows you to boot your system from it.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack

This software is created to help you manage partitions on your hard disk. The program allows you to resize, label, and format partitions without losing any data. It makes creating/moving/resizing partitions easier than ever. You can split a partition into another, merge with another, or add unallocated space to another partition using friendly wizard steps.

Moreover, it provides you with a free and complete set of tools to manage your partitions. Besides that, the application also provides some useful wizards which enable you to migrate the operating system to a solid-state drive or make a partition smaller to extend the one that needs more space.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack

It makes managing multi-OS computers simple by creating a bootable disk to configure system partitions on all connected machines. The program also supports virtual disks (VHD) and other storage appliances, and it’s easy to use.

Select the desired operation and apply the changes when you want to completely change the disk configuration or make significant changes to it. It lists all available operations and their time estimation before executing them.

Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a powerful application that lets you manage your hard drive’s partitions. Its simple-to-use, friendly interface and step-by-step guidance make it easy for anyone to extend and label partitions, merge two adjacent partitions into one for a more neat layout and organize hard drives to make them easy to manage.

With AI, you can convert an added disk from MBR to GPT without reinstalling the OS. Simply turn to AI!


Change Drive Letter

Want to change the drive letter of all your computer drives? You are looking for an all-in-one, complete and straightforward partition tool? AOMEI Partition Assistant is all of these. Give your hard disk a boost by setting up intelligent disk management to resize and move partitions around as needed.

Change Partition Label

With this software, it’s easy to change the partition label to whatever you’d like. It’s the only partition manager with a friendly user interface and strong entity recognition abilities that allow you to type your labels.

Initialize Disk

With an easy-to-use interface, you can initialize any new disk to MBR/GPT without data loss quickly and safely.

Set Partition Active

If you want to run Windows on different hard drives and change the active partition easily, then AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro is the right solution.

Hide/Unhide Partition

Hiding and unhiding partitions can be a great way to organize your hard drive.

Make Windows PE Bootable Media

With this tool, you can create a Windows PE bootable media or CD/DVDROM and effectively backup graphics cards or hard disks. Without reading lengthy books or training, you only need to operate three simple steps to complete the task.

Integrate to RE

Have you worked in the Recovery Environment (RE) and found your hardware problems still exist? Don’t worry about losing important files. You can use AOMEI Partition Assistant/AOMEI Backupper to get back data from corrupted or lost situations like virus attacks, software failure, hard drive failure, and more.

Windows To Go Creator

It is the safest and fastest way to transform your computer into a true Windows To Go device. It creates a Windows To Go USB flash drive built on Windows 10/8.1/7 system in simple steps. No need to reinstall your current OS or waste time on complex procedures.

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Other features

  • This software is the easiest solution for when you want more room. Resize, move, and merge partitions to change the size of your disk space.
  • Moreover, it can help you merge two partitions or unallocated space to another partition without data loss. It works on both disks, and the partition table is not damaged during the moving process.
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant helps you delete data on or wipe partition to erase all information ensure data security on the selected partition. You can also clone partition to another for easy and quick data transfer. Also, it supports converting file systems between NTFS and FAT32 without formatting hard drives, etc.

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