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Looking for ways to activate Windows for free? Get the tool, developed as an easy-to-use option to add multiple activations. Bit.Ly/Windows10txt is a method developed by SmartProtect last year, which claims to activate the operating system for free for all versions of Windows 10 updates. It targets Windows 10 Ultimate and Professional systems. How does it work? Is it safe to use?

Updates help your Windows 10 run even faster and perform better. For a 100% legal way to activate your windows visit us with our download code and save today! When using a computer that runs on Windows, you see an error message ‘Activation required..’ It is not something to worry about because the operating system works with the license key. This error message will disappear once the activation process is done. makes it easy to get things done with a clean and distraction-free interface. With the help of software, one can do whatever they want with their PC or laptop. It is the best version of Windows ever. Its newest features, security capabilities, and innovative technology make it easier to do great things. Managing your devices and apps has never been more rewarding.

You don’t want to risk malware or viruses. Our method will ensure a 100% legal and safe way of activating windows 10.

Windows 10 With Activation Tool

Two panels open side by side with this update, giving you a much bigger view of all your apps. You’ll still find your most frequently visited apps to the left – perfect for when you want something quick – and your recently used apps to the right, like email or Word.

You now have the Windows 10 Start Menu at your fingertips. It gives you easy access to your all-time favorites, your top pinned items, and folders that you can create yourself. Plus, the new Start Menu expands to full screen so that it’s even more convenient for you to find everything.

Windows 10 makes it easier for you to interact with your device. You can search your computer, see photos from a certain date, or play presentations with the snap of a finger. Microsoft has announced the end of support for Internet Explorer. It is now available for Windows 7, 8, and 10 users. Microsoft Edge has replaced IE and is available as well.

Edge lets you highlight and bookmark any text you want to read later. You can read it on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can use Edge to write notes and comments or even see web pages in the grayscale form.

Windows 10 Highlights

New Start Menu

Microsoft made many improvements to Windows 10, starting with the return of the Start Menu. When you click on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, you get two panels side by side, one showing recent apps, pinned apps, and most-used apps.

It will let you organize apps into groups, making them easier to find. It’s got a power button that gives you quick access to common tasks such as turning off the computer and connecting to networks, plus a right-hand column of live tiles that update in real-time for instant access to your most important content.

Cortana Integration

Windows 10 will take multi-tasking to new heights. You can use voice commands to search your hard drive, find an image from a specific date, and open your PowerPoint in a single session. All while typing out emails.

Microsoft Edge

The new Microsoft Edge browser is the default browser. It’s faster, more reliable, and better for security. Cortana Digital Assistant helps you get to what you want quickly, with less hassle.

Now Microsoft Edge is a faster and safer browser that lets you read, watch, and interact with more of the Web. The new tab page includes top sites to get back to your favorites quickly. The built-in dictionary can even help you understand all the content on a web page. All the changes are designed to help you be more productive.

Virtual Desktops

The multi-monitor setup is amazing for productivity. However, because of its nature, you might end up running out of screen space. Finding the programs and files important to your work can make it hard. That is why Windows 10 has multiple desktops that you can easily work in. With Windows 10, you can create more than one desktop environment. When you want to switch between them, click on the Task View button and your mouse over the environment you want.

Universal Apps

The days of being caught in the clunky transition between handhelds are over. Microsoft has developed a new category of software apps, called Universal Apps, which adapt their interface to the device. They work across tablets, PCs, and the Web too. With Windows 10, it’s easy to stay in touch with the people and things that matter to you. Apps work across your devices, so you can start an email on one device and finish on another. Plus, your favorite apps are just a click away, so you can browse the Web, stream music and photos, manage your calendar, etc. Features

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