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This is the easiest and simplest way to activate your windows 8 (or others as well). We will explain to you how to activate windows 10, windows 7, windows 8, and many other activations using

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Windows 8 activator cmd

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You’re in total control of your Windows 10 copy, and this tool will let you upgrade to Windows 10 at any time. You’ll be asked to provide your Microsoft login information after the upgrade completes, and that’s it!

If you are concerned about this method’s legality, please let me assure you that this approach is 100% legal and you can play the result forever.”

We’ll provide the guide, so you can follow it. That’s relevant for all old and new computer customers and all the running systems, particularly Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and many more.

Windows 8

Full of interesting features. Unlike the regular Windows search option, the new upgraded Search function not only searches for documents in your computer’s hard drive but also provides you with search results from the internet and on your device settings. You are also relieved of the stress of multitasking while using this OS. If you wish to switch from one application to another, simply move your cursor all the way to the left hand side of the screen, click and you will then be directed to last used application.

With its new and improved interface, it has become more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It allows you to create a desktop, which you may customize by adding the applications and widgets that suit your needs.

An intuitive interface and a dock at the bottom of your screen presents shortcuts to your favorite applications. The interface is clean and you can easily change its appearance to better suit your needs. You can use Dark Mode if blue light from the screen is harsh on your eyes, Stacks for an organized desktop, and Quick Look to make sure that you are actually opening the file you need. It’s so convenient!

The new operating system was built to be more user-friendly while getting rid of the shortcomings of the previous version. After Microsoft released a new operating system that focused on making the Windows experience more intuitive, the company had another go at it. It has succeeded in a way that people generally enjoy using 8.1 more than its predecessor, 8.

Highlights Of Windows 8

When Windows 8 was initially developed, the idea behind it was to create a seamless UI that’s simple and functional. However, after its release, the platform received more criticism than praise for its decision. It was redesigned in Windows 8.1 with the goal of appealing to a wider audience.

Search and multitasking

The updated search function is more than an ordinary search engine. It’s now a platform built into the system that allows you to search locally and on the internet, allowing you to find all the files or apps you need. While doing this, it also offers results from the internet and on your app settings. Switching from one app to another is made easy as well. Just move your cursor all the way into the left-hand corner and hit ‘switch’, which will bring you back to the last application that you used.

Where can you run this program?

Make sure that your computer is running Windows 8. In order to upgrade to Windows 8.1, go to the Windows store and follow the steps to upgrade manually.  Windows 8.1 requires a Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver. You’ll also need at least 1 GB of RAM if you’re on a 32-bit processor or 2 GB RAM if you’re on 64-bit and hard disk space of 16 GB or 20 GB respectively.

Is there a better alternative?

A great choice if you’re trying to stick with a Windows system. 10 is the most secure, reliable and fastest version yet. The recent update slimmed things down reducing frustration when you’re updating your apps or surfing the web. Get creative and add new functions to make it work best for you!

Moreover, it is an operating system for computers developed by Microsoft. The aim of this OS is to improve the PC experience. Making a computer more aesthetic is one of its features. Dark Mode allows you to save your eyes from damage by switching the screen’s theme to black instead of white. Stacks make it easy to organize random content that’s scattered all over your desktop. Quick Look allows you to perform actions on files so you can make informed decisions fast. It’s a useful feature especially when you’re in a hurry.

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