Gilisoft USB Lock 12.3.4 Crack + Registration Code 2024

Gilisoft USB Lock

Gilisoft USB Lock

USB drives are an essential gadget that has simplified data storage and transfer. They provide a convenient way of carrying important documents, pictures, music and videos across multiple platforms such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. However, this convenience comes with some risks such as data theft when your USB drive falls into the wrong hands.

To prevent this from occurring or simply limit access to your critical files on a USB drive , Gilisoft USB Lock software is here to secure them for Windows users. In this article we will take you through the features of Gilisoft USB Lock software including its compatibility with various windows versions.

What is the use?

Gilisoft USB Lock is a reliable application designed to keep your personal information and sensitive files safe by preventing unauthorized users from accessing them. Whether you want to protect client details or confidential business projects stored in your office computer or private laptop at home—using GiliSoft enables you to restrict all types of external drives like flash disk , portable hard disks among others.

This security solution works by restricting write operations (copy-pasting) on several removable devices so they can only be read but not altered without proper authentication. Once installed in your system, it constantly monitors any attempts made by hackers attempting unauthorized access into local directories where important digital records are kept on these particular removable media devices.

Gilisoft USB Lock

Is it Compatible with All Windows Versions?

Yes! Gilisoftware’s technical team developed their proprietary script using C++ which makes its executable file compatible with different editions of Windows operating systems namely; XP, and Vista/7/8(32 & 64-bit architectures).

Main Features

Gilisoft Usb-Lock has numerous key features aimed at improving the user experience when it comes down to safeguarding their data stored externally using usb flash disks. Some of these key features include:

USB Locking

The primary function of this software is a key feature. It lets you lock various types of external devices on your Windows computer. This is done through a password-generating prompt initiated by opening the application’s main window.

Secret disk Creation

Another essential feature is creating what Gili-soft refer to as “Secret Disks.” This creates an additional secure virtual drive space within your operating system. Users can store sensitive documents and records in folders without fear of accidental deletion or unauthorized access.

Military Grade Encryption

To boost security, 256-bit AES military encryption is applied. This is done on top-level data stored externally and, when appropriate, internally. Authorized end-users with access passwords can then edit or view those files from anywhere in our digital world.

Remote Control

The Gilisoft Usb-Lock client-apps provides remote administration controls for IT managers who require larger scale deployments within an enterprise environment where many workers are handling crucial data on removable hard disks daily basis (having multiple machines) but lack time/resources individually configure each machine’s security policies manually – luckily now all changes previously made possible remotely via dedicated central server over WiFi networks making it easy handle more complex settings easily.

Protecting Critical System Functions.

Gillisoft secures critical functionalities like reboot, shutdown options as well as preventing installations of unauthorized third-party plugins, thus eliminating chances of malware attacks when accessing sensitive information stored offline severs simultaneously

Gilisoft USB Lock


Overall, Investing securety strategies with such technologies as Gilisoft industries software products provides numerous benefits, including enhancing business objectives profitability stemming surge threats increased productivity guaranteeing Confidentiality integral company information interms data integrity and security policies as well..

Users can have peace of mind. Their sensitive information stays secure, even if the external storage device is lost or stolen. It also enables IT managers to implement corporatewide endpoint security policies minimizing risk paper-based record-storage handling.

In summary, this product presents an all-in-one comprehensive solution suitable for small archives, businesses or larger entities looking a way protecting valuable assets across multiple devices management in one all-encompassing application with user-friendly interface while remaining affordable for entrepreneurs within budget constraints.

What’s New?

It recently introduced several add-ons such as Auto Shutdown scheduling , Hotkeys shortcuts commands intended for quicker navigation convenience through menus—something which improves its already impressive performance further with added ease-of-use option sets also including:

Gilisoft USB Lock

Enhanced GUI theme

  • Streamlined code-base foundation focused mainly delivering improved user-experience
    to help businesses enjoy wider dissemination private data storage, that is safer than traditional drives allowing users personalize function keys navigate menus faster.
  • Bugs Fixes, enhancement of background processes.

System Requirements

To run this software on your windows machine, you’ll need the following specifications:

  • Windows OS (XP onwards)
  • 1GHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 5MB free Hard Disk space.

How to Activate?

Activating the software is simple and straightforward.

  • You only need to download the package from Gilisoft official website.
  • Once downloaded, Install by running setup.exe file with administrator privileges after which then enter activation license key obtained during purchase before finishing installation process.
  • Users without an active subscription can use its Demo version valid for up-to 7-days but for full feature-enabled product this essential serial code needs requires registering program first time usage.


  • Compatibility: Works efficiently across different editions of Windows operating systems.
  • Secret Disks: Increased security options through additional virtual drive spaces “Secret disks” to keep their sensitive documents safe.
  • Crypto Algorithm: Robust encryption algorithms used provide military-grade protection against data breaches,giving peace-of-mind by users.
  • Remote Control: Allows IT managers manage multiple computer devices remotely while implementing bespoke endpoint security policies protecting all levels access granted into critical corporate endpoints minimizing fraud risks significantly important client records stored externally volatile removable media like flash drives.


Despite being an efficient application, it also has some drawbacks that may not appeal generally in every user-interface scenario setting:

  • No customisation personlized-interface
  • For people who love personalised settings & look-n-feel effects tailored specifically towards detail oriented customers they do miss out here since currently there are no visual-option changes possible within app’s default graphical user-layout itself.


Overall, Gilisoft USB lock offers the right balance between functionality and usability which rightfully makes it a game-changer when compared to alternative solutions available in the market today. It packs powerful encryption algorithms that utilize military-grade AES 256 coupled with flexible administrative features like remote control making it perfect for IT administrators managing multiple machines carrying different sensitive information.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to restrict unauthorized access to your data on removable devices without losing performance consider implementing Gilisoft’s Usb Lock solution into your security framework so start using this incredible software for enhanced privacy protection.

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