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Quick Heal Total Security Crack


Quick Heal Total Security Crack shields your systems from threats that can attack your systems via the Internet or networks. On installation, it protects your machines from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious malware. The Quick Heal DNAScan Technology also checks for new and unknown threats to protect yourself against them.

At Quick Heal, we realize how valuable your time is (mainly when you’re using it to stay ahead of the rest); so we’ve taken an innovative approach to not just offering security against Internet- or network-based threats on your computers but providing protection against all kinds of viruses, worms, trojans and other malicious threats upon installation. And our DNAScan Technology also provides constant protection from new and unknown threats!

It has some new security features designed to protect you, your family and your company from phishing scams. One of the most notable features is locking your browser, so it’s less likely to fall victim to attacks.

At PCTuner, we put your well-being first, which is why we have created a system that provides you with what you need to keep your PC fast and secure for the long run. And because our software does not slow down your PC, you can use it to keep malware off of your mobile phone as well.

It is crucial to find compelling programs that offer you everything from a complete security solution to optimized performance. This way, you can have one software that does it all for you instead of spending time searching for different pieces needed for your PC to work safely online.

Quick Heal Total Security Free Download

Systematically organized by categories and subcategories, the best computer security package 2016 is designed to keep your computer running and browsing freely without others trying to access your private information like bank accounts or any other sensitive data. Because of its malware protection feature, Quick Heal Total Security keeps your machine running quickly without any interruptions due to malfunctioning software or software with extra features. With its lifetime license, you get 6 months of free updates for accessing the anti-virus database whenever you want!

Quick Heal Total Security Crack

You invest a lot into your computer daily, whether financially or emotionally. While putting everything you own and your digital life in the hands of your PC, think about what would happen if something were to go wrong? Not only could this result in trouble with your machine and even possible damage – but also things like financial loss whereby you’d become a victim of theft or phishing.

To protect, support and secure all that matters to you while keeping all relevant issues under one roof – we at Quick Heal have created an anti-malware solution for your computer which is comprehensive of multiple security features, including parental control & other like-wise functionalities.

Quick Heal Total Security combines three products: Quick Heal Antivirus Pro, Quick Heal Internet Security, and Quick Heal Total Security.

Moreover, you can get advanced protection for your computer system with this app, including real-time security and on-demand scans. You also have access to a built-in firewall. Be aware that if you run both Windows Firewall and the Quick Heal 4 firewall simultaneously, you may encounter conflicts.


diverse scanning modes

There are many ways you can scan for malware in Quick Heal Total Security. You can run a full system scan or choose to analyze specific memory entries, the boot time and autostart sequences, for example. You can also scan for threats on your mobile devices!

It combines the best of both worlds in Norton’s patented layered defense approach and identity-based threat protection from Symantec. Moving on to memory scans, system resources deliver a thorough monitoring process while enabling a total security level for customers.

When it comes to PC performance, one often doesn’t think about maintaining their hard drive as a solution for problems that might be occurring. In truth, there are many solutions for improving your hard drive’s health, including defragmentation and disk checkups, not to mention getting rid of duplicate files that could seriously impact your hard drive’s functionality over time.

Moving on from that point, it’s important to remember that although the Full System Scan works quickly to identify any infected components on your system, the quick scan will only target key sections like the registry and browser activity while moving on to Memory Scans. A Memory Scan examines all active processes across all systems. It crucially checks the services running on your machine.

Advanced scan configuration settings

You can customize the scanner “configuration,” meaning that you can modify how it operates. For example, you may set up exclusions (files to ignore) and decide what actions should take place when a virus is detected. You can also choose whether to encrypt the data in your backup. Additionally, you can specify which files and folders should be monitored by the anti-spam module. Quick Heal Total Security includes an ‘anti-keylogger’ feature. It automatically mutes all keyboard sounds when any application is in use.

The DNAScan sensor is a part of this software. It uses a reliable behavior-based detection system. The virus detector checks if each program (file) behaves suspiciously. It then assigns files to groups based on their actions. The detector determines whether the file is labeled as ‘Good,’ ‘Bad,’ or ‘Unknown.

Internet security features

This software is comprehensive and can protect businesses against many types of attacks. Firewall software targets network-based attacks, but Total Security also has modules to block viruses and spyware attempts, phishing or data theft, ransomware and rootkits, keyloggers, and dangerous websites.

It offers you multiple ways to surf the web safely. While it ensures that it will protect your computer from various online threats, you can single out specific tabs to keep safe using the browser sandbox. Furthermore, Quick Heal also goes through each search engine and website that you visit to obliterate any possible digital traces left behind when browsing.

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