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WinDataReflector Crack


WinDataReflector Crack is a powerful and flexible backup software tool that can perform various tasks, including data backup and file synchronization. Surely it is the best choice for you.

Setting up this software is not as complicated as it may sound. The installation process is smooth and clear, and it doesn’t require any special skills to be performed. When you finish the installation, you will get a screen with a menu bar, buttons, and panels where you will be able to find all of your stored data. It is a smart backup program that keeps your precious data backed up in no time. It’s designed to be easy to use, so it doesn’t require any special knowledge.

Moreover, it helps you view multiple folders at a glance and notice the differences. It can show you which files are new, which files have been modified, and much more. There has always been a need to simplify database management. And WinDataReflector helps you access, analyze, edit the database data and more in a comprehensive and powerful database tool.

WinDataReflector Portable Crack

The app can be easily set up on your computer, as it doesn’t require installation. It just needs to be placed on your computer, and you can take full advantage of its capabilities wherever you are, without too much of a hassle.

It helps you quickly make backup copies of your important data if it gets lost or damaged. WinDataReflector comes with a tabbed interface that easily selects the folders you want to backup and the output location. The program is also simple to set up to perform this action automatically for increased convenience.

WinDataReflector Crack

With its simple and friendly interface, WinDataReflector Portable allows you to easily navigate multiple synchronization tasks, which you can configure in minutes.

Moreover, it helps you manage data in two entire folders the way you need it. It’s possible to see how data was managed on a given day and choose the right folder accordingly.


Suitable to all user categories

The installation process is easy and fast, without any surprises. You will see a compact, user-friendly interface with a menu bar, several buttons, and panels that display data sources when you finish the installation. Whether you’ve got an experienced computer user or not, you will feel at home.

Methods of backing up, synchronizing, and scheduling

WinDataReflector is a file backup software utility designed to be simple yet powerful. It enables you to back up any file and entire directories. You can copy these from one location to another (for example, from your hard disk onto a USB flash drive). Alternatively, you can compress them into a ZIP file for maximum compactness and ease of transfer.

If you are working in a team and have to synchronize files between locations, WinDataReflector is just your tool. WinDataReflector will help you set up the synchronization process according to your needs.

You can use WinDataReflector to securely back up your files and folders at any location to any other location, that is, to another directory or external removable media. You may set the program to automatically initiate backup processes on a particular day, e.g., during night time, every day at a particular hour, so that you don’t have to bother with manually starting backup jobs.

Enjoy the benefits of portability.

Its loading speed is lightning-fast. The program doesn’t require installation and can be run instantly from any fixed or portable drive. That makes it possible to take the powerful software with you and start transferring data within minutes.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to quickly select the folders you want to backup and the output location. Keeping directories synchronized is also simple, and you can set the application to perform this action automatically, providing increased convenience.

Easily switch between tasks.

It is all you need to synchronize and back up your files, folders, and Windows Registry. No matter how many tasks you have at hand, the application displays them in an organized manner for convenient management.

You can name a task anything you want, set the date and time it should run, choose the folder to back up or sync, and use WinDataReflector to help you keep your important things in order.

It is software that allows you to examine differences between your folders. You can then make changes based on the comparison results with the help of this software.

This application can also help you set schedules for backing up or synchronizing your folders. Equipped with a scheduler, the application will run at Windows startup and show an icon in System Tray.

Easily keep data backed up.

It is an easy-to-use backup tool that does exactly what it’s promised to do. You can set the app to synchronize and back up data daily or at specific times of the day, so our users can ensure their data will be safe and secure.

Automatic synchronization of USB flash drives and external hard disks

Easily recognize external hard disks and flash drives by their volume label, regardless of hard drive letter, and optionally start backup and synchronization tasks automatically whenever you connect an external disk to the computer. This software eliminates the need to hunt for applications running in the background.

Support for NTFS file permissions

These days, accidents happen. Accidentally deleting an important file should not be one of them. When you need to delete files, WinDataReflector will do the right thing by moving deleted files to recycle bin or permanently deleting them.

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