AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack 1.2.0 All Editions [Latest]

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack [Latest]

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack is a powerful tool that allows users to manage and modify their hard disk partitions. With this software, you can create, resize, move, extend, shrink or delete partitions easily.

Moreover, it enables users to convert dynamic disks to basic disks without losing data. It supports all types of storage devices including SSDs and HDDs. The software comes with a user-friendly interface that makes the operation quite simple.

Is It Compatible With All Windows Versions?

Yes, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager supports all versions of Windows including XP/Vista/7/8/10. It is also compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

The software works well on NTFS/FAT32 file system types but support for Linux-based Ext2/Etx3 partition filing isn’t available atleast not in the free version. However, if you need such functionality you can upgrade to a paid version where this feature would be included.

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack

Apart from that, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack runs smoothly without any performance or stability issues on all newer devices as long as they meet the minimum hardware requirements specified by the manufacturer.

How to Use?

Using AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager is quite simple and user-friendly. It has a straightforward interface that doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

Here’s how you can use the software:

  • Download and install: First, download the cracked version of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager from an official website like Softonic or Cnet. Then follow the prompts for installation.
  • Open up the Software: Once installed, open up AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager to access its features.
  • Partition Management: A list of available partitions should be visible on your device screen.Navigate through “Manage” tab found below then keep on track with ‘Partition Assistant’ icon. You will arrive at partition management section where users prefer altering options such as resize, mounting or assigning drive letter respectively. To start managing select your preferred partition listed in this area simply by clicking it then calculate specfications through ‘Shrink Volume’, Merge Partitions/Edit Labels etc function.
  • Multiple disk operations: For mutiple disk handling such as clone details page ,best option is “Disk Clone Wizard” & handles multiple disks simultaneously requiring neither additional installations nor switches while transferring data between them. Besides, it can also upgrade SSD models providing positive end-results with faster speed times!
  • Converting Basic Disk: Moving over from basic-to-dynamic, clone feature creates backup previous saved data indicating under conversion. Paid versions have provisioned licensed keys enabling this process free of charge; However in demo period any attempt leads following popups requesting purchase activation request

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack

Main Features:

  • Create new partitions: With this feature of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack you can create new partitions on your hard disk drive. You can choose the file system and size for each partition according to your need
  • Resize/Move/Shrink/Extend Partitions: This useful feature helps in expanding or shrinking an existing partition as well as re-positioning them on the same physical device.
  • Basic/Dynamic Conversion: It is a known issue among Windows users that they may sometimes encounter failures when attempting to alter between basic-disk mode to dynamic disc option but require ample experience & knowledge. It works effectively with reverse technique make sure data durability while performing this procedure
  • Clone/Batch Clone/Optimizing Performance: Getting bigger folder off your present day apparatus will take hours unless grabbing hold onto AOMEI DD manager application. Easy cloning features speeds up transfer speed & assists PC resuscitation during slow performance!
  • Conversion Bootable Media: The DD-manager software conversion functionality empowers end-users in creating media suitable for boot-up function. Aomei does not offer just USB-booting facilities, but also CD-ROM Readers which enable clients repairing any OS malfunction.

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack

What’s New?

  • The latest version includes several updates such as optimized recovery environment creation method which means if anything goes wrong instead,it provides auto-repair functions.
  • Furthermore, it extends multicore CPU support options to optimise system processing speed.


  • Easy-to-use interface with a powerful feature set.
  • High data security precautions via backup modes.
  • Optimization technique facilitate faster PC functioning
  • Attractive cost planning available for both individual users & corporate setups too


  • Software requires purchase after the trial period expires
  • Cannot partition drives exceeding 20TB & only support Windows NTFS/FAT32 file systems

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Supported File Systems: NTFS,FAT32,EXT 2 and EXT 3
  • Processor: Intel or AMD at 500 MHz or Higher

How to Activate?

To activate AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager on your device,you need guidance flow that frees up more than just unexpected blockages including disk crashes,slow networks,& excessively difficult updates.Check below :

  • Follow guidelines Below :-
  • Firstly Download Cracked From The Link Given In Article And Open Setup Folder.
  • Log in as an Administrator Account to install software correctly,Ignoring promotional publication page by Tap “Continue Trial” button,till installation complete.
  • Once installation finishes,a window appears stating activation incomplete.Tap “Activate Now” Button .

Filling Information box specify Full Name, e-mail Id then Genrated Key Option displays automatically press ctrl+c from popup message register code from either text-file provided throught crack keygen folder, otherwise produce Serial key copying it down after pasting generated product registration code. Then Click “activate”.


Overall, AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack is a comprehensive disk management tool that provides many features within minutes of usage while ensuring minimal risk in altering partitions individually during resizing, moving or deletion process. The program makes it easy for users to manage partitions and convert dynamic disks to basic disks without any data loss. Though Some Advanced Functions are only available after purchasing the full version, but a trial period is readily offered by creators enabling initial experience testing. Start your Disk Management Journey with AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Crack & systematically maintain Hard-Disks!

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