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Sketch 96 Crack + License Key (Mac/Win) Free Download

Sketch Crack is a popular digital painting and vector graphics app for macOS. It is used by designers to create interfaces, icons, logos and other graphics. Sketch offers a wide range of powerful tools that make digital design easy and enjoyable. Recently a cracked version of Sketch has been released which allows you to use Sketch without paying for a license. However, using cracked software can be risky. In this article we’ll look at what the cracked version offers and some of the potential downsides.

Sketch Crack

Sketch Cracked Version

The cracked version of Sketch provides full access to all of the app’s premium features without paying the $99 license fee. This includes access to all new updates and features as they are released. Some of the key features unlocked by the Sketch include:

  • Vector editing tools like boolean operations, path operations and node editing
  • Advanced typography controls with text styles and rich text
  • Powerful presentation tools like artboards, pages and prototypes
  • Ability to export assets for developers including SVG, PDF and CSS
  • Plugin ecosystem that extends Sketch’s functionality
  • Collaborative editing and cloud syncing with Sketch for Teams

Overall, you get access to the same high-quality vector graphics software that professionals use every day. The only difference is you don’t have to pay for it.

Download Akvis Sketch Full Crack

Sketch Crack

You can download the full cracked version of Sketch from torrent sites. Be careful to only download from trusted sources to avoid malware. The crack unpacks the app’s licensing checks so you can run the full version indefinitely without paying. The crack is relatively small, usually under 1MB, and is applied like a patch.

Just download the crack file, copy it into your Sketch app directory, click to apply the crack and restart Sketch. You should then see the full unlocked software ready to go. The Akvis Sketch is updated periodically to keep working on new Sketch versions. So you should be able to update Sketch normally and reapply the latest crack after updating.


  • Vector Boolean Operations – Easily combine, subtract and intersect shapes. Great for complex icons.
  • Powerful Typography – Set text and layer styles. Paragraph and character formatting.
  • Artboards – Quickly design multiple screens and pages. Export assets easily.
  • Vector Authoring – Edit paths, combine vectors, align and distribute objects.
  • Export Assets – Export layers as SVG, PDF, JPG, CSS and more.
  • Prototyping – Link artboards together into clickable prototypes.
  • Symbols – Reuse elements without repeating yourself. Create symbol libraries.
  • Creative Tools – Graphic styles, gradients, shadows, inner shadows and more.
  • Plugin Ecosystem – Access many plugins that add functionality to Sketch.
  • Collaboration – Share and edit Sketch files with others in real-time.

What’s New?

Some of the new features added in recent Sketch updates that you can access in the cracked version include:

Sketch Crack

  • Improved vector editing with new path simplification, splitting and joining.
  • Text formatting updates like multiline edits, indenting and character spacing.
  • Visual tweak mode for quick styling changes to multiple layers.
  • Smart Boolean operations that auto-heal shapes.
  • New pre-made blend modes and text styles.
  • Prototype scrolling and zooming for demoing designs.
  • Auto resizing for improved multi-screen support.
  • Lots of plugin API improvements.

So you get access to all the most advanced Sketch tools and improvements by using the cracked version.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra or newer
  • 64-bit Intel CPU
  • At least 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • 2GB free disk space

The latest version of Sketch usually requires the current macOS at release time. But the app maintains backwards compatibility with older macOS versions too. Many designers run Sketch on lower-spec MacBooks without issue. But higher specs never hurt, especially when working with complex documents.

How to Activate?

  1. Download the Akvis Sketch full crack file.
  2. Locate your installed Sketch app (usually in the Applications folder).
  3. Make a backup of the original Sketch executable file.
  4. Overwrite the executable with the cracked file.
  5. Block the app from accessing the internet if required by your crack.
  6. Open Sketch, it should now be activated and unlocked!

The crack process patches the app executable so it doesn’t check for a license key on launch. Simple! Be sure to back up your original executable in case you need to uninstall the crack later.


  • You get full access to Sketch Pro without paying $99 annually.
  • All new features and updates are included.
  • There are no nags to purchase a license.
  • You can try before you buy to evaluate the software.
  • There are no subscription fees to pay.
  • Freedom to use the app on multiple machines.

For designers on a budget, it can make Sketch much more accessible. You still get full access to all the premium tools Sketch offers without the cost.


However, there are also some downsides to keep in mind:

  • It is copyright piracy which is illegal. You risk fines if caught.
  • No official support from Sketch if something goes wrong.
  • Features reliant on licensing checks may not work properly.
  • Online services like collaboration may be limited.
  • Cracks can sometimes contain malware if you’re not careful.
  • Sketch may employ countermeasures against cracks in future.
  • You miss out on supporting the developers who created Sketch.

While tempting, using cracked software does come with risks. You lose the safety net of official support channels. And cracked apps aren’t guaranteed to work properly if they rely on phoning home to a licensing server. For professional use, it is wiser to buy an official Sketch license. But the choice ultimately comes down to your specific situation and budget.


The cracked version of Sketch provides free access to a professional-grade design app. You get all the vector tools, templates and updates without any restrictions or watermarks. However, cracks do carry inherent risks related to stability, security and legality.

For professional use, an official license remains the smarter long-term investment. But the Sketch does offer an alternative for designers on a tight budget. Think carefully and research any risks before using cracked software. While tempting, piracy should not be treated lightly.

But ultimately the choice depends on your specific needs and situation as a designer weighing up the pros and cons.

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